An Easter Celebration

This year Easter and my mom’s birthday fell on the same day. Unless my mom lives well into her 100s she will never again celebrate her birthday on Easter (and hasn’t before now either!). It seems to have become a tradition for my family to join us for Easter and so this year we carried on the tradition. My parents, and my sister and her crew joined us for church followed by lunch and birthday celebration.

The church service was phenomenal! I was so proud of David!!! He was nervous, this being the first Easter in our new church but things went really well and he did GREAT!!! Most importantly, the Spirit of the LIVING God was there and so palpable. The songs chosen for the congregation and choir to sing only added to the whole worship experience. We also did something that was new to all of us. A couple in our church were given a hand-hewn hickory cross. The wife did her research and learned that for the first 1000 years Christians had a tradition of putting fresh flowers on a cross on Easter Sunday to signify rebirth and Christ’s resurrection. So, that’s what we did! They provided a huge array of fresh, spring flowers and everyone was asked to take a flower and put it on the cross at the front of the sanctuary before they sat down. It was so beautiful!!!! And it was such a neat reminder of what we were celebrating. It was a wonderful, stress-free service. Again, we were reminded how things are done in a healthy, well-functioning church. God is so good!!!!

After church we went to our house and us women got lunch going. David and my dad fired up the grill and my BIL, Jamie wrangled the kids! Due to days of rain (including Sunday) we had an egg hunt in the house this year. The kids thought that was great fun! 🙂 Lunch took a bit longer to prepare then was expected (I had a meltdown, which I’m sure will be hilarious AFTER the baby is born and I’m not so full of extra hormones!!), but we finally managed to eat! 🙂 We ended with cake and gifts for my mom to celebrate her! It was a wonderful day and I’m so thankful for my family. Hope you enjoy the photos below! 🙂

Our cutie! She was not too in to getting her picture taken on Sunday and she was NOT into having anything done with her hair! 🙂 

Yes, I’m sunburned. 


The Abrusci’s

My parents

Isn’t Riley a hoot?

Enjoying their bounty!

And, just ’cause she’s cute!

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