Celebratory Weekend

This past weekend was a busy one, again, but a fun one! Saturday was David’s birthday and though I had planned a surprise party for him, it didn’t exactly work out that way. However, we had a great time anyway and he told me he felt well-celebrated! 🙂 
One of David’s favorite types of restaurants is the Brazilian steakhouse. We discovered one on accident on a vacation to Cincinnati a few years ago. It was SO GOOD that we have kept our eyes out for others. We were able to go to one on our trip to NYC a couple years ago and so I thought, surely there’s one here in the big city we live near. And, there is!!! So, my sister, BIL, David and I all piled in our van and went to the Big City and had a good time! (Oh, my wonderful parents took kid-duty for us!) Have you ever been to a Brazilian steakhouse? Well, let me tell you why my husband loves them so much! Because you can eat your fill (and then some) of meat–15 different kinds, to be exact! Well, 15 different preparations of meat. You are given a coaster when you arrive. One side is red and one side is green. As long as green is facing up these guys will come by your table with swords of meat and slice off some of what they bring, if you want it. 🙂 It’s quite the experience. There is also an extensive “salad” bar which offers pasta, cheeses, palm hearts, shrimp, etc. Because of the price of getting the salad bar and meat and the fact that my sister and I were in no way going to eat that much meat, we opted to only get the salad bar and sampled from our husband’s meat! 🙂 It turned out to be a great way to go. Our husbands almost had to be rolled out of the restaurant, and we had a great time being together. After dinner we went back to our house and had ice cream cake with my parents and the kids. Also, a fun time! 
Yes, I put 31 candles on the cake! 🙂 David blew them out in one big breath… 

Sunday was, of course, Mother’s Day! I had requested donuts (so I didn’t have to make breakfast) and an uninterrupted nap. 🙂 Well, I had made cinnamon rolls for David’s b-day breakfast and we still had lots left over so I told him to skip the donuts and we had bacon and cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Church went well and we met my parents in their city for lunch. It was a good time spending part of the day with my mom. Due to church, waiting for food at the restaurant and running a couple other errands I didn’t get the nap I wanted, but was able to cat nap in the chair while we let Cora watch videos. We spent the rest of the evening outside using our new-to-us table and chairs and let Cora run out energy before bed. It was a good day and I felt very loved and appreciated by David and Cora (and Molly too!). It’ll be lots of fun next year to add Baby Sprout to the mix!! Unfortunately, I discovered yesterday we had totally forgotten to take any photos on Mother’s Day. Sigh…next year! 🙂

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