Whiney, whiney, big behiney!!! Let me tell you, Cora has decided that the most appropriate what to communicate to her dad and I is to whine. Oh!!!!!! This just grates on my nerves and had been a HUGE source of frustration for all of us! We have spanked and done time outs and yet the whining continues. I will be SO GLAD when this phase goes away! With all this whining from my 2 year old I was forced to think about how we must sound to the Lord sometimes (all the time????). How must our prayers sound just like a 2 year old whining, not using words and just wanting to get his/her way. Nothing like your children to bring in perspective your relationship with the Almighty! Does this mean I just let her whine? No, but I think I need to remember her whining and how much it riles me and try not to be a whiner with the Lord.

I’m good at whining. I whine when I don’t feel good, when I don’t get my way, when I don’t get to buy what I want, when life just isn’t going my way way. Do you notice a trend? It’s all about me and my way. Hmmm…sound familiar when it comes to parenting? My 2 year old doesn’t get what she wants so she whines. I don’t get what I want so I whine. Not a very good example to set.

The next time you feel like whining to our Parent, stop and remember just how annoying that sounds to your ears and think about what you might say before you say it! Let’s not be a whiner! 🙂


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