Life’s Surprises

Just when you think things are going fine life happens and things start to go unbalanced. Friday I spent the day down at my mom’s house where my sister, nieces and nephew were as well. Cora needed to have the social time, needed to run around, and I needed to just rest. The day went pretty well, until I had a colossal melt down which resulted in me getting some contractions. I figured once I calmed down I’d be fine, but no. I have no idea if the melt down started things, or if this would have happened anyway, but around 8 pm I noticed the contractions had not stopped and thought maybe I ought to start thinking about paying more attention. I called my sister around 9 for advice and started to keep track and drown myself with water. I ended up calling my midwife around 10 because I was having contractions every 2-3 min, and they were lasting anywhere from 20-45 sec. They weren’t painful, but definitely there. My midwife suggested taking a bath, keep drinking and hopefully this would solve the problem. It did and I went to bed. I slept about an hour, woke up to use the bathroom (thanks to all the water!), and couldn’t go back to sleep. The contractions had returned and they were keeping me awake. I was also getting quite a bit of back pain. I began to pray. I mean, who wants to head to the hospital in the middle of the night for no reason–not me!!!!!! I asked the Lord to make it abundantly clear to me if I needed to call the midwife back (which I knew she would say to go to the hospital), or just let me fall asleep. Well, falling asleep did not happen, I called the midwife and we were on our way to the hospital at 2:45 on Saturday morning. I had a brief thought of maybe I should pack a bag, but didn’t. One of the local pastor’s wives who we’ve gotten to know came to sit at the house while my parents made their way up. I continued to have contractions all the way to the hospital, and I felt they were getting stronger, becoming more uncomfortable. We got to the hospital, up to labor/delivery and began the long diagnosing process.

I was checked over, hooked up to 2 monitors (1 for the baby’s heartbeat and 1 for contractions). The baby was fine–praise the Lord–and I was most certainly having contractions. The midwife discovered that I am 60% effaced and a finger-tip dilated. She said my cervix felt like it was “labored,” meaning I had been having contractions for a while. She wanted to wait and see if everything settled down on it’s own without meds–for which I was very thankful–and we hunkered down for an undetermined amount of time. All in all we were released around 6:30 a.m. The contractions went away on their own, and I was no more dilated, which was really good. I’m to take life easy, doing only what absolutely must be done, rest and drink lots of water. I also need to make sure I eat as much as possible. My midwife told me that the anorexia was troubling. I was so shocked she said that and said, “I guarantee you I’m not anorexic!” She laughed, knowing I’m not anorexic, but explained that since I’m not gaining weight during the pregnancy like I should I need to eat more to get more calories. A possible cause of the contractions could be my body not getting enough calories and wanting to rid me of the baby since it’s taking all the calories. So, I’m trying to eat more. How strange! Usually, I have to be so careful!!! I’ve been trying to eat as much as possible this whole pregnancy, but I guess it’s not enough. I have found it strange that I’ve only gained about 10 lbs. although the baby is measuring just fine.

I have my next appointment on Thursday so I guess we’ll see if anything has changed. We’re curious to see if this baby comes early, of course just my “luck” he’ll be late! šŸ™‚ David and I are praising the Lord that everything seems to fine, that Baby Sprout is growing and moving and doing his thing and I’m not any worse for the wear. I’m 34 weeks today, so that means another 3 weeks and I’ll be in the safe delivery zone. My prayer is that Baby Sprout stays in for these next 3 weeks, then he’s welcome to come out! šŸ™‚  I’ll be sure to get the hospital bag ready now…


2 thoughts on “Life’s Surprises

  1. I am glad they didn't have to use the meds to make it stop- I had to have that with Aggie and they made me feel like I had just consumed 3 POTS of coffee! Just what you need- a huge dose of anxiety while you are in preterm labor! Praying for a quiet three weeks for yoU!

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