34 Weeks 3 days

I’m getting closer to the “safe delivery” zone with each passing day, which brings me great relief! I had my 34 week midwife check yesterday and was glad to go. Since having our stint in the hospital over the weekend  I have been feeling dreadful. However, to give any real symptoms is almost impossible. All I seem able to describe is that I feel like crap, cruddy, terrible, just not good. None of this is very helpful to the medical staff, and so I had been wondering how I would describe how I’ve been feeling at my appointment. I requested to have my cervix checked to be sure nothing more was progressed. My BP is great, the baby’s heart rate is right where it needs to be, the baby is measuring right on track and my cervix is no more progressed than it was over the weekend. I did my best to describe how I’m feeling (or not feeling) to my midwife and she looks at me and says I “simply” have symptoms of a woman about to give birth.  Unfortunately, there’s nothing that can be done and she said unfortunately I’ll more than likely feel this way until the baby is born. Great…however, I’m relieved to know there’s nothing serious going on. She assured me that if the baby should be born before 37 weeks he will be fine. Baby’s can survive quite well at this point and though some are even able to go home when mom does, most end up staying in the NICU for a week longer.

So, what am I to do for now? Well, for the next 2 1/2 weeks I’m supposed to lay low, rest as much as possible, keep eating and drinking and just take it easy. After that I’m not to rest and let nature do it’s thing! šŸ™‚ My midwife told me to take advantage of all the help I can get right now and then once I hit 37 wks to start doing things myself. šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ And, should I start going into labor early they want to let nature take it’s course anyway. I left feeling much more at ease and will do as they say.

God has a plan for this wee one, and I know he is in HIS hands. I’m so thankful for the medical care I’m being given. God has brought us to a great place and it’s even equipped with a great NICU, should we need it.


3 thoughts on “34 Weeks 3 days

  1. These last weeks can be so trying. God is faithful and will get you through. Praying that He sustains you and allows you to flourish as you approach the amazing task of giving birth, for the 2nd time! I know that the first time was wrought with frustrations and difficulties, but you still did it! Remember how hard you worked and allow that to encourage you and give you confidence going into this 2nd time. Your body is amazing and God created you to be able to do this! Not just the birthing part, but the waiting too. I love you and am proud of you.

  2. I'm praying for you Jeni. I know to most of us 2 weeks is nothing but when you are pregnant, feeling crummy, and have to rest all the thim, it's an eternity. Hang in there, you are right, you have great medical care and God has a wonderful plan for baby boy Hardin!! Love you,Aunt Cathy

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