11 Years Ago

This May marks 11 years of being out of college. Really? How is this even possible? I seriously often think it’s been just a year, or 2, or maybe even just 5, but not ELEVEN! Where has that time gone? When I graduated college I was bright-eyed and ready to start my job at a food service company, with thoughts of moving up through the ranks, using my college education to get me there. I worked for this company as an assistant manager for about 3 months and due to health reasons and also financial reasons on the company’s part left there and started looking for something else. Thus began my time as a member of cubeville! I spent 2 years overseas as a missionary in Cameroon, Africa. After my time in Cameroon I had to look for another job, took a temp job, which then led me to one of my favorite places to work. It wasn’t so much the work I loved but rather my coworkers. I’m still close friends with a lot of them! During my time at this job I started to wonder what God had next for me? I didn’t see myself living forever in corporate America, although if that’s what God wanted for me then I was OK with it. I started to think I would just be single and find a cute place to live and go from there.

Truth be told, I was SO thankful the Lord didn’t have any of those in mind for me. He brought along my dashingly handsome husband, we have lived in MI and now back to OH. We’ve been through a lot of downs and many ups. We have a beautiful daughter and a son on the way. We own our own home, are involved in a great church, love the community we live in and well, life has been good. A lot has happened in the 11 years since I graduated from college. I love looking back at all the things God has brought me through and the different lessons he has taught me.

What have the last 11 years looked like for you?


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