A Day of Hard Work

For weeks now we’ve been trying to get the rest of our yard fenced in. We had scheduled a work day in April–which didn’t work–so we rescheduled and that didn’t work (due to David and I spending the night in the hospital because of my contractions). Soooooo, we FINALLY were able to get it done on Saturday! The plan was to get the fence done and also get my washer and dryer moved from the basement up to an area in the kitchen. The fence got done, but the washer/dryer will need to get done later (hopefully this week). After learning that this week is going to be in the high 80s and 90s we opted to skip the washer/dryer, and David had my dad help him get a window A/C unit installed in our room. Our room is upstairs and it gets HOT up there! It’s been hot with just mid-70s weather so we knew anything higher and we’d be miserable. I’m so thankful for the work my dad and husband did. It’ll be great not have to chain the dog up anymore (and untangle her 1000 times a day!), and it’ll also help Cora learn boundaries a bit better. 
Front of the backyard…from garage to back porch (door we use all the time)

Back of backyard (behind garage)
While the men were doing their thing, my mom and I were sorting through all of the baby clothes we’ve been given. Not only did we get tons at the shower, but I’ve also been given a ton of hand-me-downs. We found all of the newborn-3 month and Mom washed and folded them. The rest were set aside to be used later! Because I had so many hand-me-downs I got rid of some that I knew I wouldn’t use. Mom knows of a family who will be able to use them, so that’s great! I think we’re getting there! 
We still need to put the crib together, buy a mattress for the crib and get the bedding all set. I need to put all the baby clothes AWAY, wash the bottles (just in case nursing doesn’t go well) and buy a few odds and ends. After getting all this done I have this horrible feeling/thought that the baby will decide he’s plenty happy inside and will be “late!” Oh, I really hope not…

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