To Give Thanks

Sometimes it’s hard to give thanks, and yet we’re commanded to do so! Sometimes it’s easier to stay in self pity and waller in the bad that’s happening that you would just rather not give thanks. Sometimes you think God has given you all those lemons just to get in your paper cuts and the thought of using the lemons to make lemonade is ridiculous. I have to say that throughout this pregnancy I have succumbed to all of this–the bad, not the giving of thanks. However, I have been convicted as of late (and let’s be honest the Holy Spirit has been pricking my conscious the whole time) that I just need to give thanks. I need to accept the lemons and make some lemonade out of them. I need to stop wallowing in self-pity and give thanks. And so, I want to give thanks in this blog entry. I have written a list of things that have come to mind for me to give thanks about. It’s not exhaustive, but it’s certainly what came immediately to mind.

1. Cora has been healthy most of this pregnancy, especially as of late with the onset of warmer weather.
2. Cora has been sleeping well at night and taking her naps which has allowed me full nights of sleep and rest in the afternoons.
3. I have had several friends helping me by taking Cora for several hours in the morning and feeding her lunch so that she’s ready for her nap when she comes home, which allows more rest for me.
4. My husband. Oh my husband. I don’t have enough words to say how thankful I am for him. I know he’s busy with his own work and yet, without complaining, he has taken on extra chores–cooking, cleaning, taking care of Cora, Molly, the yard work, etc. He is carrying far more than his fair share right now, and I’m so thankful for him. And, he’s doing all of this without getting good sleep due to all the pillows in the bed keeping me comfortable. He is a gem and I am truly, truly blessed that he’s my husband.
5. My mom and mother-in-law have done more than they need to in helping us. My mom has been coming up 1 day a week for several weeks now helping me with whatever. My MIL has been coming up when she can, also doing whatever I need help with. This includes laundry, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, grocery shopping, oh and entertaining Cora too!!! I am blessed to not only have a mom who loves me but also a MIL.
6. My dear sister has also been coming up when she can (she is busy getting her house ready to sell, has 3 kids of her own, trying to finish up home schooling for the year) and has been a ginormous help too. And, she’s always a phone call away, reminding me that pregnancy doesn’t last forever, this too shall pass and other such wonderful encouragements. I love my sister so very much and am so thankful for her and her encouragement.
7. My father has been spending his weekends between our house and my sister and BIL’s house helping us all with projects. This means he is busy, busy, busy. And, he does it cheerfully, never complaining. I know my dad is exhausted and yet he willingly takes on these projects/challenges to help us out. We are greatly indebted to him.
8. Our church family has been so loving, caring, concerned, compassionate–quite frankly, it’s overwhelming. My church attendance has not been too regular and they never make me feel guilty for it. They just want this baby to come so that I feel better. They have not once made me feel like a failure as a pastor’s wife because I’m not dragging myself to church every Sunday–in fact there have been Sundays when I’ve been “scolded” for being there and told I should have stayed home. They are so excited when I’m there and are so very helpful to me with Cora while David is working. We are so blessed to be in this church, and I don’t ever want to forget their love and concern for us during this time.
9. I am thankful to all those who have been praying for me during this difficult time. I learn all the time of more and more people who’ve been praying for me, and I had no idea. I feel so unworthy and yet am so thankful because without those prayers I would not be getting through this.
10. I’m so grateful for the excellent medical care I’m receiving during this pregnancy. It’s been worlds better than last time, and I am just praising the Lord for bringing us to this point. I look forward to having a much better labor/delivery experience.
11. And, I’ll end with saying how thankful I am to the Lord. For without his help, love, grace and mercy I could not do this. I’m so thankful for his faithfulness to me even on my worse days when I was angry at him for allowing me to feel so terrible. I’m glad our God has a thick skin!!

What are you thankful for today?


2 thoughts on “To Give Thanks

  1. it's so hard to stay in a state of thankfulness when life's circumstances are hard/challenging. I too need to be more proactive about this!

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