The Strangest Interview EVER

My husband was without work for 2 years. It was a long 2 years full of downs and some ups. It was a 2-year testing of our faith with a lot of questioning. Because my husband is a pastor he went to a lot of interviews with churches–for anything from youth pastor jobs to senior pastor jobs. He also did countless interviews with secular jobs from Stanley Steemer (which we found out is 100% commission, who knew???) to working for phone companies. At the end of his job search process he was called to go to 2 interviews. One was for a youth pastor job in the town he had grown up in and the other was for the job he has now. The interviews were on the same weekend and we knew it was going to be nuts, but were also so excited about the possibilities!

He goes to the first interview on Friday night at the church in his hometown. (To protect the “innocent” I won’t tell you what church or denomination it was, because let’s face it, we hope this interview is not typical!) He arrives to the interview and sits down with the search committee–did I mention this is for a youth pastor position? He introduces himself and no one else introduces themselves. WHAT???? Straaaaaaaannnnnnnnge!!! He has no idea who the members of the committee are, their positions in the church, let alone their names! He is asked a list of questions, none of which has ANYTHING to do with his spiritual life, his stance on theology, or even if he IS a Christian. They were very surface questions. He asked them a few theological questions, but could tell they thought this odd. There was a youth member on the committee and her burning question was to know my husband’s view of people having tattoos. Really??? This is what you’re most concerned with? It was a really short interview, needless to say! He drives the 30 minute drive back to his dad’s house and we wait.

I was on the computer and noticed that about 5 minutes (NOT kidding!) after David gets home we get a new email. It was from the church he had just had the interview with and they were offering him the job. WHAT???? Never mind this was the first encounter he’d had with the church–typically you meet with a church 2-3 times before a decision is made. He didn’t get any opportunity to talk to the head pastor (whom he’d be working closely with), nor did he know where the church stood on different issues, what they were even looking for in a youth minister. The church had not even bothered to check his references!!!!! WHAT???? So much head-scratching ensued on our part! There are so many red flags here it’s hard to list them all. The least of which being why on earth a church wouldn’t check the references of a person about to be with the youth–not a good idea!

We tried hard not to panic. David would be getting paid hardly anything, with no benefits, which meant I would certainly HAVE to work outside the home. We had so many misgivings about this. Thankfully, I have a wise husband and he kindly replied to the pastor that we would have to talk and pray and we would let him know the following week. We went to bed almost begging the Lord that after 2 years of no job this was NOT the one, but also knowing we had to trust.

Thankfully, the interview the next day went MUCH better, no red flags and a HUGE green light from the Lord telling us this was the direction he had for us. But, the interview the evening prior will always be one that makes us chuckle…

What strange interviews have you had?


One thought on “The Strangest Interview EVER

  1. oh my…the stories your husband and I could share. I am a female minister who spent two years of my life interviewing in places much like your husband. I now do pulpit supply and really have never recovered from the horrific interviews I had all over the country. One church took three months to pay me over 500.00 for my travel expenses. The churches who offered me a job….were unhealthy and thankfully I used good discernment. I now realize…the world is my altar and the congregation I serve is the person I meet eye to eye daily…thank you for made me realize that this church issue didn't just include us women….

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