Please Let them Live!

There is a very sweet couple in our church, Mr. and Mrs. S. who are from West Virginia, near where my in laws grew up. They instantly connected with my husband (seeing as how he’s from WV) and are such a dear, sweet couple. We didn’t get to know them too well when we first arrived because they spend their winters in Florida, but they’re back now and we’re getting to know them now. My husband loves to garden, and we both love to eat the fresh veggies, and I like to also freeze what we can’t eat fresh. Saves on the food bill! Well, Mr. S. made sure to grow some plants just for David over the winter while in FL. How nice was that??? He has been wanting to help out with planting our garden, and Saturday he and David were finally able to connect.

He came over late morning and before they got started on the garden he showed me the flowers he had brought for the flower beds (which are currently weed beds!!).  I was very touched! However, I’m not very good at keeping things alive. I seem to have inherited my mother’s black thumb when it comes to vegetation. I mean, I plant stuff, do my best, but I will never be featured in a gardening magazine for my gorgeous flowers! I have extra pressure this time around. Not only did this dear man bring these plants for me the one plant he brought has a special story…

Mr. S. told us that during a vacation he and his new bride were on they were driving through the hills of WV and came across these beautiful, wild plants. He had not seen them before and didn’t know what they were called, but really wanted to have some for his garden. So, they pulled over and went to the house where they saw these plants growing to ask the owners what they were called. The owner of the home had no idea but said this particular plant had been in his family for generations, and they just kept planting them and letting them seed. This man told Mr. S. to leave his name and address and when the plants went to seed he would send him some. Six years later Mr. S. gets a small package in the mail with a note. It was from the man he had met 6 years prior. The man apologized for not sending the seeds sooner. See, his wife had passed away not too long after Mr. and Mrs. S had met him and it wasn’t until recently when he was sorting through papers on the desk that he saw their address. Mr. S. was delighted to get the seeds, planting them and even carried the plants to OH, where they live now!

So, I feel extra pressure now to keep this plant alive! I mean, it comes with such a sweet story, the plant is from WV, a part of home for my husband and AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!! I just want them to live!!!! 🙂


One thought on “Please Let them Live!

  1. Aw! That is a sweet story! And I know about garden pressure: some members brought three raised beds for me (this is no small job!) and now I am doing my best… water, sun, prayer… we will see!

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