Benjamin’s Story

Ben’s story begins on Sunday, June 19. I was SO uncomfortable. I could hardly sit, I didn’t sleep well, I just felt terrible. David and I both felt that the time was drawing near, if not that night, or the next day. But, because I had thought it was time before I didn’t do anything special, we just went about our day. At 2:30 Monday morning I got up to go the bathroom (standard) and as I was walking back to bed WHOOSH! my water broke. I walked back to the bathroom, so as not to get anything on the carpet, I tell David very matter-of-factly, “Welp, my water just broke.” I called the midwife and was told to go back to bed and as contractions came to keep track. I was also supposed to eat and drink all to prepare my body for the labor/delivery process. Call it nerves, but probably more the contractions I wasn’t able to sleep. My contractions came quickly, quite steadily every 8-10 min and then increased to 5. I was still able to walk/talk through them but since it was already 4 am I thought I better call my mom to get ready and come to the house in case I needed to get to the hospital ASAP. Well, Mom was on her way, my contraction pain was increasing and I didn’t feel comfortable to wait so we called a pastor friend and he walked (he’s just around the corner) to the house to stay with Cora until my mom came.

We arrived at the hospital at 6:15 am. We walked up to the L/D floor, got checked in, talked to the midwife, found I was 4 cm and then…my contractions stopped! WHAT??????? Well, we all know that when ones water breaks the chances for infection to the baby increases so they were anxious to get my contractions going again. It was suggested I start petocin. Um. I was TERRIFIED!!!!!!!!!! Remembering my HORRENDOUS time with Cora’s birth petocin was the LAST thing I wanted. They told me to rest, walk and take a hot shower to see if we couldn’t get labor going again and if I hadn’t progressed to 5 cm by noon I would need to get started on petocin. I was so scared. David and I prayed and prayed. I cried and prayed. I just prayed. We walked the halls, I took a warm shower and then I laid down to try to nap. Needless to say, God answered my prayers with a yes, and I was unable to rest. My contractions started coming. They got harder with each one and soon I was not having any fun at all! We called the midwife to see if I had progressed, and I was definitely at 5 cm and it wasn’t even 12 noon yet!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!

I soon realized that I was going to have severe back labor. The pain was excruciating and I was unable to relax. This time I did not endure for 15 hours but quickly said, how long until I can get an epidural? Now to hurdle fear #2–getting another epidural. Again, my time with Cora’s birth was horrific and so I was scared to death again but knew I wouldn’t be able to handle the pain. My midwife and nurse conferred with each other, already knowing my previous experience and my midwife told the nurse to be sure and call “Dr. Green.” Apparently, she’s high up in the department or something. My midwife said, “Call Dr. Green. I want to be sure this happens with no problems.” Dr. Green was there quickly, a nice woman who was very confident in her skills. She very quickly got the epidural in, and I think was in and out of the room in 10 min or less. HEAVENLY BLISS almost immediately. Ah, the feeling of a warm blanket going up my legs. With each contraction the pain became less and less. I was able to rest and they started the petocin because my progress had slowed down again, but I didn’t care because I couldn’t feel anything!

Around 3 ish in the afternoon the epidural was not working on my right side (happened with Cora too, so maybe just something weird about my body???). They suggested me getting a little boost in the meds but wanted to check my progress first. I was 8 cm!!!! David reminded me that this had happened with Cora and that I had gone from 8 to pushing quickly. I was still given a boost but was pushing by 3:45. I pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed. I didn’t think he was EVER going to come out! Close to 5 pm I was at a breaking point and prayed silently to the Lord, “I can’t go anymore Lord. Please bring him out with the next contraction.” And, he did! Benjamin was born right at 5:00 pm and I got to hold him immediately. He was so goopy and beautiful all at the same time. David watched the whole thing and cut the cord, which I was shocked as he doesn’t do body stuff well! 🙂

I only tore a little bit (at the site of the episiotomy I had received during Cora’s birth) and have only 3 stitches. We recovered for 2 hours in our delivery room and then were moved to the postpartum room, where we have a private room. Ben has been nursing very well. I’m quite excited about that!!! I am so praying that this time nursing is more successful. Thank you all for your love, prayers and support. It was felt and appreciated. Thank you! I know we have some rough days ahead of us, but I’m so excited to get home and learn what it is to be a family of four.

Enjoy these photos!

Ben was born weighing 1 lb more and was 1 in. longer than his sister! 

Our wonderful midwife, Linda. Incidentally, the midwife group I went to has 9 midwives. I only ever met 2 of them, Linda and another one. I met Linda at my first visit and prayed during that appointment that she would be the one to deliver Ben! 

My husband, love of my life and AMAZING helper during the whole process! 

The newest love of my life!

Look at those rolls!

My two men! I love them so much!

Cora and her new brother, “Baby Ben.” They’re gonna be great friends!

Our new family! 

5 thoughts on “Benjamin’s Story

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  2. So perfect!!!! Don't know how I got here to your blog today, but I'm glad I found the rabbit trail that led me here. I don't often hear of a child with my name (Cora) so that caught my attention. Thank you so much for sharing Ben's beginnings. I'll be back to keep up with the story!

  3. Congratulations Jeni!!! He is adorable. I'm just so excited for you all and can't wait to see pictures of him (and Cora) as he grows. I'm praying for you all and hoping you are just able to enjoy every second.

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