It’s Been a Week

OK, so I should have had this post done yesterday, but what can I say? I’m now a mom of 2 children, trying to function with little sleep and well, it just didn’t get done yesterday! So, you’ll have to forgive me…in any case, Ben is one week old! WOW! It’s been a good week. We have dealt with the usual newborn things–multiple feedings during the day and night, only sleeping in 2-3 hour stretches at night, pure and utter exhaustion…you know, the usual! But, it’s been a great week.

Ben and I have had some difficulties with breast feeding. I’ve been at my wits’ end because he was doing great at the hospital and then when we got home it all went out the window. So, we’ve been doing mostly formula, and I’ve been pumping to keep my milk supply from going away. Yesterday I made my way south to a breastfeeding center and got some great help. Wouldn’t you know the little stinker latched on right away and acted as though we’ve been doing great all week? In any case, it’s been much better at home, and I’m hoping to build up my milk supply.

Cora is doing great with brother. She LOVES to hug and kiss him and tickle his toes. She gets a big kick out of bringing me stuff (diapers, blankets, etc) and is such a great big sister. She’s acting out a bit more with David and I–being a bit defiant, and melting down a bit more often–but it’s nothing too outrageous, and we expected it to happen. We are doing our best to pay her special attention, let her know how much we love her and what a great big sister she is. I’m sure she’ll get over it all soon, and we’ll be back to normal.

I’m doing pretty well. I’m exhausted, of course, but feel pretty good. It’s such a difference from Cora’s birth. I was in so much pain recovery-wise after she was born that it took me a good month to feel as good as I do now. David and I are amazed at how well I’m doing. However, this is kind of a double-edged sword because I have overdone it a couple times and have to remind myself to take it easy. It’s so much different when you have another child. I can’t take naps as often as I’d like! David is a huge help and doing great with reminding me to rest and taking on the kids so I can do so. I’ve also had a lot of help from my mom and mom-in-law. I’m so thankful to be closer to family this time around. David has started back to work so I’ll have to jump in to our new norm on Wednesday when my MIL goes back home.


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