Now there are FIVE little ones for us to chase around! My sister has 3 kids (Sophia, 6; Riley, 3 in August; Hadassah, 1) and we now have 2 (Cora, 2; Ben 2 wks). There’s always fun to be had when the cousins all get together. Lots of running around, screeching, merry-making and running the parents ragged! But, I love that we live close enough to my sister that our kids can see each other on a regular basis. Growing up in the wilds of Africa my sister and I were not able to do that with our cousins. We love that our kids can grow up together and not only be cousins but be friends! Anyway…Sunday my sister, BIL and their 3 kids came up to spend the afternoon with us. My BIL and the kids hadn’t yet met Ben so there was extra excitement! My sister’s MIL made all the kids matching t-shirts to celebrate the birth of Ben so we had them all decked out and took some photos. Here are some photos of the fun they all had on Sunday!


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