FIRST, 4 and 2

Yesterday was the FIRST time Ben went to church since entering this world. We had a really good time. Everyone was excited to meet him, and he did a great job of being cute! He ate, burped, tooted and slept through Daddy’s sermon and was just really good. He didn’t make a peep until the very end. It was so nice to sit in church and hold him on the outside rather than sit there uncomfortably holding him on the inside.

Ben all decked out in his church-going outfit!
Today Benjamin is 4 weeks old!!! Can you believe it???? How is it possible? I know I’ll probably say or think this every single week/month/year of his life, but seriously! How does time go so fast? He continues to do well and is such a good baby. I think he’s probably up to 10 lbs by now and he’s definitely getting longer. He’s starting to be a bit more awake during the day, but still will only go 3 hours at most during the night. I know we’ll get to a point where he’s sleeping through the night, but I wish that point would hurry up and get here!
Don’t you just love those pockets?
And now I’m a mom of TWO children! Wow. When I was younger–like junior high/high school, even college–I thought I would have 5-6 kids. As the years went by, and I was still single, I decided that however many children the Lord blessed my husband and I with would be just fine. Now that I’m a mom, I can’t even imagine having 5-6 kids. Right now I’m perfectly content with my two children and love them so much! I was worried while I was pregnant with Ben that I wouldn’t know how to love two kids. How was I supposed to love them differently yet with the same amount of love? As soon as Ben was born those worries went away. I love these children both immensely and differently. I know as the years go by that will develop. I’m so thankful for my two kids! 
I sure love these two cuties!

4 thoughts on “FIRST, 4 and 2

  1. You are such a great Mommy! I'm sure everyone was thrilled to meet Ben at church. Those pockets are adorable. I can't wait to hug both to them tomorrow!

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