We thought it would be nice to get a family photo on Sunday since we were all dressed up and ready to go, and David’s dad was available to take a photo! Well, something about the best-laid plans? A certain adorable, cute, lovable, cantankerous two year old had other ideas! She absolutely refused to look at the camera with her body. We were able to get her to look at her Mammaw, who was trying very hard to be funny and get Cora to laugh, but Cora refused to let David hold her so she was facing the camera. When she’s older, and wonders why the rest of us look all nice and happy and she’s not facing the camera, I’ll tell her she’ll understand when she has a two year old!

We’ll try it this way first…definitely not going to smile…

We try the other way and there’s a hint of a smile…thanks to the hard work of Mammaw!

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