Back in Business

As we all know, during my pregnancies I seem to become someone I’m not usually. My dear husband has to endure a wife who pukes, feels ill pretty much at all times, doesn’t have the energy to clean (and he ends up doing it all) and most certainly doesn’t have the energy, or stomach, to cook much of anything. Unfortunately, we end up eating out a lot, ordering pizza and becoming regulars at the Chinese take-out restaurant. Well, I use “we” loosely because it’s mostly David as I could rarely stomach much of anything beyond Cheerios (and some days those were a stretch). I was looking forward to not being pregnant and being a stay-at-home mom, having the time to clean, cook and just take care of the house like I want to and should. Praise the Lord I’m feeling better and able to do stuff again!

While I was pregnant I was thinking of ways to spice up my weekly meal menu. I have made it a habit to make up a menu and do the grocery shopping from that. This has really helped our food budget, and it also helps to know what we’re going to have for supper when that time comes every single day. My sister has been singing the praises of The Pioneer Woman for some time now. I had wanted to look into her recipes more but had kinda forgotten about them. That is until my sister and her crew came up for supper a few weeks ago and my sister made brownies from The Pioneer Woman’s cookbook and also pita chips (I think). I started looking through the cookbook (I tend to read them like novels)  and was impressed, interested, enthralled and totally wanted to cook everything in the book. My sister generously let me borrow the book, and I have made quick work of trying different recipes.

For the past several days/week we have tried enchiladas, chicken pot pie, blackberry cobbler, oatmeal crisp cookies, pizza crust and meatloaf. We have loved everything! I wanted to try a variety of things so I would know if I wanted to buy the book–I want to buy the book. And so, I shall buy the book, and we’ll continue to cook our way through it and try out different things. I’m sure we won’t love everything (then again, maybe we will) but it’ll at least make us try new things, or new twists on things, and will get us out of our menu rut!


One thought on “Back in Business

  1. I just have to say it makes me so happy to see you not only feeling good again and feeling "normal," but to see you so happy and at peace. I'm so glad you've enjoyed the cookbook!

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