Come Again?

So, Cora has been saying a phrase that includes a word David and I canNOT figure out. I mean, what in the world is she saying? We can get all the other words but not this one. She says it the most when she’s waving around her fairy wand. It makes no sense.  What is she saying? We don’t know. What does it sound like she’s saying? Are you ready? It sounds like she’s saying, “F*** you, me!” No joke. The other day when I first heard her say it I was trying to come up with every possible variation of the word she’s saying. I even said the word she was saying (or what it sounds like) and she said no, that’s not what she was saying. We are stumped. We just can’t figure it out. We don’t use that word (or swearing in general), we don’t listen to music with that word, and we don’t watch TV/movies with that word. What in the world??? If you have any idea what she’s saying please clue us in. Until then, we’ll just say back to her, “come again?”

4 thoughts on “Come Again?

  1. Could you please use it in context. I need more of the conversation to decipher the mystery word. After working with preschoolers for a few years, I am pretty skilled ar “speaking toddler”.

    • I wish I had a context! That would certainly help! She’ll just take the wand and point it in the air and say, “F*** you, me!” We have noticed that she uses the word with a towel, as if to say “wipe.” But still not too sure!

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