Saturday we, as an extended family, celebrated my dad and uncle’s 59th birthdays! My dad’s was on the 15th and Uncle Bob’s is 31st. We had a great time and everyone in the family was there except my cousin’s wife, who we missed. It was hot, steamy and sticky, but we had good food, good fellowship and a great time. The kids also had fun as my parents bought a blow-up pool with a slide. They had great fun with that, blowing bubbles and just running around like crazies! It seems not too long ago that our family had a lot of little kids and then I realize that it was me, my sister and our cousins who were the kids and well, that was a long time ago! We now have 7 little kids in the family again ranging in age from 6 to 5 weeks old. It can make for a nutty time, but what fun! All I can think is just how much my grandparents would love to see all 7 of their great grandkids running around.


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