Random Stuff

Nothing in particular to say today, just some random things.

Ben is doing well. He’s growing by leaps and bounds and I can’t believe how good a baby he is. Truly, he sleeps most of the day and only cries if he’s hungry. It’s funny how fast he goes from calm and quiet to VERY, VERY MAD and HUNGRY! He can go about 4-5 hours from his “last” feeding at night (usually at 10) but then gets up again in 3 hours. We’re making progress and that’s a good thing! David keeps telling me that once we get adjusted to not having sleep Ben will start sleeping through the night. He’s a great baby, we’re so happy to have him be a part of the family!

Trying to break Cora from her paci has not gone as planned. I thought having her go cold turkey would be the best plan of action, apparently, I was wrong! After a very tumultuous nap time and bed time Monday, David and I decided she could have it during bed time but not the rest of the day. I guess I’m trying too hard to make her grow up faster than she needs to. I told David she’s almost 3 and he reminded me that actually, she’s not even 2 1/2 yet. So…we will try it this way and hope we can break her of the habit at bed time before too much time passes.

Molly is doing well. She seems to be taking in stride the new addition of Ben. We have decided to have her partially declawed. I know, I didn’t know they could do this to dogs, but they do. Molly got some kind of strange nail fungus from the yard/dirt of the parsonage we lived in at our first church in MI. The back yard was dug up while we lived there to fix some drainage stuff and ever since Molly’s nails have been terrible. Some of them are growing really terribly, and curling into her pads, which causes her pain so we asked the vet about declawing. He will only take 2 claws from each paw. In all reality there are 3 claws that are really bad, so we’ll just have those 3 taken out. I think she’ll be a lot happier and not in so much pain as the nails grow longer.

David has been busy, busy, busy! Not only is he busy with church and getting his next paper written for his doctoral work, he’s also been helping out a family in our church. They purchased a home that was in foreclosure and it needs a lot of work–like plumbing and electric, so David has been offering some help so they can get in their house sooner. It’s been good to get to know them–they have three little girls, all Cora’s age. David has been such a great help and support here at home. He works so hard and does so cheerfully. Makes me proud to be his wife!

I’m here. I’ve been on my prozac for 30 days now and man is there a difference! I feel like I can function, and I feel like I can make it through the days now. I’m still dealing with some post-partum stuff but that’s to be expected. And, it’s manageable. I have my days of great frustration, but it’s not horrible. I’m learning what it means to have 2 kids and there are moments during the day when I think I’ll go crazy. I’ll be glad when we get to some kind of schedule and routine. I love my little ones and I’m so thankful for them. I love that we’re a family of 4 and know this is the family God has blessed me.


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