Redemption–Part I

I will be doing a series on the idea of “redemption.” As I’ve been going through counseling my counselor keeps bringing up how much God is redeeming my abuse, our situation at Bankers and Cora’s birth story. I’ve been having these posts roll around in my head for a while now and think it’s time to get them out. Today’s post will be short. I want to take just a minute to define “redemption” and the word “redeem.” I did a search in Webster’s Dictionary and the definition for “redeem” is long. There are many variations of the definition but they all seem to come back to one idea: making something that was bad better. Here are some of the definitions I found (the italics are the definition, the rest my own thoughts):

 to free from the consequences of sin–God redeemed us when he died on the cross.

 to change for the better : reform–A redeemed person is better, their life is changed.

repair, restore–again, the idea of making something/someone better

to offset the bad effect of

to make worthwhile : retrieve

Over the next few days we’re going to look at what all of this has meant to me over the last several years and how my situation/our situation as a family has been redeemed since moving to where we are now.


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