Being a pastor’s wife allows you to see a lot of what goes on in a church, more than the average attender sees. This can be good and bad. I was thinking the other day how silly we, as Christians, can be. We get so upset and passionate over things that, in all reality, don’t matter. What if we put 1/2 that passion into the mission of the Church? Think of all we could accomplish!


One thought on “Passion

  1. I agree!! But it’s kind of like at work, when we are given a job to do, we all try to do the best job we can, that is how we were brought up. When someone is given a responsibility they want to carry it out, some more so then others. Sometimes we just lose perspective and get wrapped up in that responsibility, but with a little bit of patience, guidance and understanding…….this too shall pass:):)

    I believe this is another way that God is working in us……..teaching us to work together, and helping each other resolve certain issues. Perseverance!!

    I suppose that the upsets & passions over things that some think don’t really matter, can be looked at as trials & tribulations?

    Even the silly things, once they have passed and are over, will be considered an accomplishment!!


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