Benny and the Greats

We spent most of last week in West Virginia visiting with my David’s aunt, grandparents, dad, step mom and her mom! We were taking Ben on his WV tour and letting him meet his WV relatives for the first time (except David’s dad and step mom, they’ve met Ben, of course!). We had a really great time, and I took tons of photos! We don’t get to see David’s WV family often so I wanted to be sure to have a lot of photos! I’ll probably do several posts this week of photos from our time there. Today, I’ll dedicate this post to Ben and his great grandparents. He loved being held by everyone and was a really good baby! And, Cora also enjoyed them, although she did not give out any hugs…ah, 2 year olds! 🙂

Great Ma-ma--I've never known a woman get so excited about lovin' on a baby! She loved holding Cora when she was bitty and she was the same with Ben. He got lots of cuddles!

Great Pa-pa--though not as expressive as his wife, Pa-pa is just as proud of his great-grandkids (and grandson, David)

Great Mammaw--David's step grandma. We weren't able to spend much time with her, but enjoyed the time we did spend.


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