Cousin Time!

My sister and her family have moved to a new city as of this past weekend. So, to help them out we took their 2 oldest (Sophia and Riley) for the weekend last weekend so Jamie and Ruthie could pack with less interruptions! We had a really good time with the kids. We played outside a lot of the time so as to make everyone good and tired so they’d sleep at night! 🙂 Our plan worked because all 3 kids (since, you know, Ben doesn’t do much running yet!) went right to sleep and slept all night. I love these two. It’s so much fun to watch the cousins play. They also fight like siblings, which is kinda neat, in a way. 🙂

These two will always be good friends I do believe!

I'm not quite sure WHAT to say about this one! We found this absolutely hilarious!

"Turn around and give me your best smile!"

We've worked all summer with Cora to get her to go down a slide on her own. She's finally doing it!!

I tried to get all 3 kids to sit at the top of these slides and look at me. Well, Riley was the only one cooperating...

Again, only Riley cooperating. BTW, I love how he's looking at his sister.

The prince waiting for the ladies to wave palm branches and feed him grapes! (caption courtesy of my sister!)

The only photo I got of all 3 take what you can get!

Ben did his usual hanging out!


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