Not to be Left Out!

My niece, Hadassah didn’t join us for the cousin weekend so I wasn’t able to get photos of her until the birthday party. This child is 1 1/2 yrs old (almost!) and is so cute! She has poker straight, reddish hair and says VOLUMES with her eyes. She reminds us a lot of our grandma, who also had red hair and said volumes without using words. 🙂 I love you Haddie!

This photo looks so much like my sister did at this age!

3 thoughts on “Not to be Left Out!

  1. I saw your farm post/question- look into John Seymour’s books. They are full of tons of info and let you delve into the reasons behind having tons of different animals, etc. Also, look into geothermal energy while you are at it. Good luck!

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