Life keeps pluggin’ along, as I’m sure you know! We’ve been busy, but I’ve come to realize that just must be what life is, busy. The previous 2 weeks we were doing all sorts of stuff, from traveling to WV to helping my sister and BIL move to their new home/city. I have noticed Cora is definitely a home-body. All of the out-of-routine stuff we’ve doing has had an affect on her. I’ve been doing my best this week to be sure to be at home as much as possible to get her back into her routine. She seems to be doing much better!

We’re still learning how to be a family of 4. Funny how this takes adjusting. Though it’s getting easier I still find it challenging to juggle 2 kids with all of the household stuff that needs to get done. Plus, for a year now we, as a family, haven’t been in a good routine, especially in the morning. David and I talked about what we wanted from our mornings and this week have started our new routine. So far, so good! We both agree that the mornings are way less chaotic and we just feel more at peace getting started on our day. I have also made up a chore chart for myself to make sure I get all the housework done. I get very stressed trying to figure out how to get it all done, and so I broke down everything that needs getting done into different days of the week. I have accomplished my list so far and feel good knowing that my house got cleaned thoroughly this week!

Ben is doing well. At his 2 month appointment the dr. noticed the right side of his head is flattening. I guess the medical term is “torticollis” and she set us up for some physical therapy. He has gone once so far. The physical therapist checked him out, and explained to me that it’s a muscle thing. He was probably stuck in the womb with this head turned to the right and so now he favors that side. I have been given stretches/exercises I need to do with him. We’re also supposed to encourage him to keep his head turned to the left and not let him sleep in the swing, car seat or bouncy seat. It’s been challenging for me to change all of this. I have been frustrated when holding him because I feel like I can’t hold him properly, or how he needs it. It’s been quite upsetting, really, because we have our “system” and ways of comforting and now I have to change them. But, he is already improving so that’s encouraging. He is so full of smiles, coos and the beginnings of giggles. I can’t believe just how adorable he is! Hard to believe he’s closer to 3 months then 2 now!!! Where has that time gone???? He’s still not sleeping through the night and I’m tired. The little stinker almost refuses to let David feed him which means I’m getting up for the feedings. But, this too shall pass, right? Right? RIGHt??? 🙂 If you ever find me asleep, just leave me alone…


One thought on “Life

  1. I’ve always been told that it takes about 3 to 6 months to really feel like you are back in control after a new baby- add another loop like physical therapy and you probably can add some time to that!

    I have found much sanity saved by following some of the advice at

    Hope you get some sleep soon! 🙂

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