Never Boring

Being a pastor’s wife and pastor’s family is a lot of things. It is, at times, frustrating, full of joy, other times full of sorrow. It can be a time of not understanding, seeing grief and sharing in joy. It’s a life of change and helping to facilitate change. It is a lot of things, but one thing it is not is boring! My dad always says that truth is stranger than fiction. We have oodles of stories from our previous church of crazy things that happened to us, around us, or in the church. It was a hard time, but never boring. It’s still true. We’re in a fully functional church now and though we’re in a season of joy and peace things are not boring! And, it doesn’t only have to be with the church. Case in point:

Last week we went to a jeweler to have my engagement/wedding ring fixed. David is VERY good at talking to people, finding common ground with them and making them feel at ease. The owner of the jewelry store was helping us and he and David started talking. He asked David what he did for a living, and so David told him he was a pastor. We learned that the owner had majored in religion in college, “not because [he] believed any of that stuff, [he] was just interested.” He was raised Roman Catholic but isn’t practicing now and doesn’t go to church at all. All the while he’s getting paperwork done for my ring, Ben was sleeping in his car seat and Cora was getting fidgety. The man says, “Would you like to see the back of our shop?” Strange…we, went on a tour of the back of a VERY high end jewelry store (there were ROLEXES in the front cases of the store and you had to ring a bell just to get IN to the place!). He showed us all around the back of the store, the work room and the lunch room (which, by the way, he hires a chef to cook for his staff). While in the lunch room the owner told David when we go to pick up my ring he wants information on our church because he wants to come visit. It’s very interesting to me how God uses my husband. Just by being friendly and taking time to get to know this man a little bit, for showing him compassion, a seed was planted, or watered. Who knows if he will come to our church to visit? Only God does at this point. But, I know for sure this was another experience that showed us this “job” is never boring.

The same day, David and I went to a new hair salon to get our hair cut. David sat down and the stylist asked him what he did for a living. When he told her he was a Baptist pastor she got excited. She said she had moved back to the area and the church she used to attend is no longer around, and she’s been looking for a Baptist church to go to. Again, my husband allowed himself to be used. We may never see her in our church, but again, only God knows right now.

This life, this job, this calling is not always easy, but it’s NEVER boring!

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