A Dedication

Sunday we had Benjamin dedicated to the Lord. There a few examples of baby dedication in Scripture. Hannah prayed to the Lord for a son and said if He gave her one she would dedicate him to the service of the Lord. After weaning her son, Samuel, Hannah stuck true to her word and dedicated–gave over–Samuel to the work of the Lord. Jesus was also dedicated and this was witnessed by Simeon and Anna, two people who had been promised to see the Son of God before they died. Jesus always had a special message for children and a harsh one to those who harm them. When the disciples tried to shoo the children away from Jesus, he very quickly told them that “unless you become a child you will not enter the Kingdom of God.” Children are important to God. They are precious in His sight. They are to be treasured.

We had Cora dedicated when she was about 8 weeks old in WV by a dear man who pastors the church David grew up. We knew when Benjamin was born we would also want to dedicate him. We didn’t figure it was prudent for David to do the dedication so we asked our dear friend, and fellow pastor, to do the dedication for us. It was such a special time. We, as the parents, were challenged to bring Benjamin up in the ways of the Lord, to do our best to show him the love of Christ and do everything we could to help him want to choose to live for the Lord. It’s a very sobering thing, dedicating your child to the Lord. To know that we are so responsible for the soul of our child, to show him THE Way and show him what a life with Christ is all about.

We had several family members join us for the dedication, which was also very special. After church we all went to a restaurant for lunch and visiting. It was a good day, a special day, and one I look forward to telling Benjamin about when he’ll understand.

Dear Father, please hold my son close to you. Please give me wisdom to know how to show him your love, to challenge him in such a way so as to follow you and love him the way he needs to be loved. Thank you for giving me this precious gift and for allowing me the privilege of raising him. 

Our friend, Doug, giving the challenge to us

Lifting Benjamin up to the Lord

Benjamin with Uncle Jamie, Aunt Ruthie, Sophia, Riley and Haddie

Benjamin with Grammy and Grampy

Benjamin with Ma-ma and Pops

Benjamin with Great Uncle Bob, Great Aunt Cathy and second cousin Tim

The Hardins! 🙂


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