Holistic Medicine: What IS it?

I’m glad you asked! Holistic medicine is, in a nutshell, a form of medical practice that looks at the whole body, mental state of a person, and their environment. Non-evasive methods are used to determine what is going on in a person, what could be causing the symptoms, etc. Blood is not drawn, and other such tests are not done. A person who is treated holistically is usually treated nutritionally–by change of diet and taking supplements–through the use of chiropractic treatments, and detoxifying foot baths, just to name a few. I’m most familiar with these because this is what I’ll be doing as I journey to the point of healing. I encourage you to look up holistic medicine. One site I found especially helpful was this one: http://nutritionalwellnesscenter.com/nrt.html I encourage you to read this as it’ll give you a FAR better explanation as to what my first visit was like! It explains very well how it was determined what my body needs and is lacking. There is SO MUCH out there on holistic medicine, and I’m still learning. I can’t possibly write it all down in one blog post. It’ll take many posts and I’ll be sure to share with you what I learn. Disclaimer: this is only what I learn as it pertains to me!  So, without further adieu here is how my first visit went last week.

David went with me as I want him to be involved in this as well. We were greeted very enthusiastically by the nurse/receptionist, and I was given some things to fill out. One was a paper with the front and back of a human body. I had to put an “x” on the body any place I have a scar. Some scars can affect the healing of your body. Another paper was just a general health and medical history–surgeries, major illnesses, etc. The 3rd paper was, in small print, front and back a list of symptoms. I was to indicate which ones I experience and if I did, how often (not very to every day). Turns out I checked of a TON of them.

After all of this, it was given to the dr. so he could review it. In the meantime we were taken to the exam room, and I had a strap put around me under my bra. This was to monitor my heart. Did you know they can tell more about the health and function of your body by looking at different things in your heart beat? I found this fascinating! Once this was done we waited for the dr. Can I just tell you how loving and kind and gentle and concerned this man was? I have NEVER experienced this before. I found that I was all geared up to defend myself and tell him I wasn’t crazy. But, I didn’t have to do that. He looked at me and told me he could help me. It would be a long road, but he could help me. I almost started crying. I have NEVER had a dr. listen to me, actually listen to me, the way this man did. And, he listened to David too. He didn’t discount the things my husband was saying about me. It was so relieving, hope-filling I just can’t even describe to you. After 12 years of on-going sickness I am finally finding some help and relief. PRAISE. THE. LORD.

We then proceeded to doing the Nutrition Response Testing. FASCINATING stuff here, folks! Let me tell you!!!!!! Here’s what was found (and if you have not taken the time to read that link,  you’ll really be wondering what’s going on here). I have lead and arsenic toxicity in my system. Heavy metal poisoning is found in about 50% of his patients. Where would I get lead and arsenic? Lead: car exhaust, paint, plumbing, canned food, hair dyes, newsprint, tap water, just to name a few. Arsenic: poisons, pigments, dyes, wood preservatives, insecticides, wine, well water, coal burning, seafood (shellfish), treated lumber, prescription drugs, just to name a few. I was floored! Heavy metals suppress our immune system which can cause all sorts of fun things. I am taking specific supplements to get these toxins out of my body. I will also be doing detoxifying foot baths (not the kind that turn the water black, as those are taking out the good things too–as I have learned!) to get the toxins out. This, to me is of high priority. I need to get this stuff out of me so that my body can get back to working the way it needs to! It’ll take 3-6 months to properly detoxify all of the metals from my body effectively.

I am not to eat wheat, corn or millet. And, really, at this time he wants me to stay away from all grains. I was so AGGRAVATED when he said wheat because several years ago I had been tested (blood, scope and colonoscopy) for celiac. I have since never believed that dr. that I was not to stay away from wheat. I believe THIS dr. and what he is saying about me eating wheat only goes along with the same things I have thought. So, away from wheat I will stay. I think the thought with staying away from all grains is to get it all out of me and then we can start fresh. I’m hoping that by the end I will at least be able to eat gluten-free stuff. I’m to eat all sorts of low-starch veggies, all melons, peaches and all berries. I’m also to eat protein (meat and eggs) 3x a day! This has been a challenge for me. Actually, it all has been, I but I keep telling myself it’s for my health, and I really want to feel better. I have to keep track of everything that passes my lips during the day so the dr. can correlate how I’m feeling to what I’ve been eating. This will give him a much better idea as to how to treat me.

Folks, I know it all sounds weird, strange and maybe even too simple. I will say this, I feel, for the first time EVER, that I am on the right track. Everything this man has said concerning my health and our bodies in general makes sense. I’m trusting the Lord to use this man to make be healthy. I know this was a long post and I apologize. I just really want you to have all the background information so that when I talk about stuff you understand. Thanks for sticking with me!


3 thoughts on “Holistic Medicine: What IS it?

  1. Jeni,
    What an awesome post. You have my inspired. I am going to go take a look to see if my medical coverage includes holistic medicine. I know you live in Bedford now, may I ask the dr’s name?

    I am praying for you and your family. It looks like you are on the right track!

    • Meg, my dr. is Dr. St. John in Chagrin Falls. They do not take insurance. It’s all pay as you go. It’s a lot up front (they give you the option to pay for your whole program upfront for a discount). We couldn’t afford that so I’m paying as I go.

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