The Healing has Started

I had my first follow-up visit with my holistic doctor last week on Friday. I was nervous. I know it’s silly, but after years of going to doctors, getting no results, not being listened to and only having more tests thrown at me, I have developed a healthy dose of “white coat syndrome.” I’m not proud of it, but it’s true. I know this medicine is different. I know it’s not going to be painful, and I know everything being done is for an absolute reason and not just a shot in the dark. I had been encouraged to take a list of questions with me so the dr. could take time to answer them–have you ever been encouraged to do this? He tested my trouble spots (left ear, sinuses, left lung, heart and frontal lobe–depression) to see how I’ve improved. I’m improving, folks! I was so excited to hear! He did the same Nutrition Response Testing but only of the areas that we know are issues and I’m taking supplements. I was so encouraged to see that after only a week of treatment I’m improving. It’s been a long time, guys, a very long time.

I also had my first chiropractic adjustment. I was TERRIFIED to get this done. But, I also knew it was for my own good and part of the healing process. I’m glad to report there was no pain, and I didn’t feel 1/2 bad afterward! 🙂 It’ll take a lot of adjustments for my neck, hips and middle back to stop aching. My hips, especially, don’t hurt and I’m so happy about that!

Can I tell I’m improving? YES! It’s slow, but steady, and I’m not making any huge leaps yet, but I can tell. For starters I’m starting to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can NOT tell you how wonderful this is for me. I truly can’t describe the elation I feel about this. Sleeping means my body is able to heal. Sleeping means I’m not as tired in the morning. Sleeping is good. My sinuses are starting to clear out, and I’m beginning to breathe normal again. And, I noticed the other day that the ridges in my fingernails are starting to disappear! Again, small steps to recovering, but steps nonetheless. I’m so thankful and praising the Lord.


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