The Number 4!

Benjamin is 4 months old today! What????? It’s true, he is! He’s changing almost daily it seems and it’s hard to keep up with him! He continues to go to physical therapy for the torticollus, but that is improving greatly so we’re hoping the PT will soon be a thing of the past! He LOVES to be talked to. When you talk to him he coos up a storm and “talks” back. It’s so. stinkin’. adorable! He also LOVES his sister and watches her all the time. (She also enjoys entertaining him!) He is starting to roll over, though he’s a little choosey as to when he’ll do it. Tummy time isn’t as unpleasant and he loves to play with this pinwheel we have. He is also drooling and chewing on everything (mainly his fists) so we can only guess he’s teething. I sure hope that is what’s going on! Ben is also very interested in sitting up and is no longer content to just lay around all day! He is not yet sleeping through the night, though we’re getting there. I’m struggling to get him on a schedule, which is hard for me, but everything I’ve tried thus far has not worked. So…we shall see what happens there! We love our Benjamin. He’s such a wonderful addition to the family. He’s very laid back, almost always smiling and so much fun. He’ll have his 4 month check up next week and I’ll give you his new stats then!


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