Bless this Food

In all of this change I’m making with my eating I have been thinking about the simple phrase we often put in our prayers, “bless this food to our bodies.” What I was thinking was I can now, for the first time, pray that prayer and it make sense. I mean, I have often wondered why I prayed that prayer over fast food, or food I knew wasn’t going to be good for me without Divine intervention. But now, I’m truly eating food that is good for me, will help in healing my body and will keep me healthy. I no longer feel guilty asking the Lord to bless the food I’m eating.

I also have to rethink EVERYTHING I know about food. There is so much I’m learning. David and I have been doing a lot of reading and see that what our holistic doctor says is true. I am now thinking differently about our meals. We’re also limiting our intake of cow dairy as it’s harder for the human body to digest. This means we’re eating a lot more meat (3 x a day!) and lots of fruits and veggies. It’ll take time, we’re still learning, and there are days when we want to revert to our old ways. However, we are committed to becoming healthy, losing weight and treating this body the Lord gave us with the respect it deserves.

I am seeing for the first time in my life that food is here for my health and nutrition and not to take away stress, bad moods, or depression. In fact, since being off certain things (wheat especially) my mood, ability to deal with stress and depression have improved significantly. I am viewing food as the substance the Lord gave us to keep us alive, not something to use as an idol. It’s amazing. I know it shouldn’t be, it should just be second nature, but it hasn’t been, and it’s not quite yet, but I hope for it to be soon. I want to control the food and not let the food control me. This will take time. I know it will. My dr. tells me it’ll be a good year for all of this detoxing, healing and rebuilding to happen in my body. I’ve been chronically ill for 12 years–this won’t be fixed overnight. However, I am excited to see what God is doing in my life and the life of our family.

David is now on a program (much shorter and less intensive than mine, thankfully!) and Cora is also taking supplements (she suffers a lot of sinus and ear infections during winter). As a family we are making these changes. As a family we’re changing our eating habits. As parents we’re showing our children a better way to eat and live. I can’t wait to see where the Lord takes us on this journey!


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