Cora is quite the talker! She is DAILY coming up with new things to say and every day her sentences become more and more complete. She’s starting to distinguish between using “I” versus “me” and starting to use prepositions and articles! She has been saying some pretty hilarious things recently. Thought I’d share a few of them.

EVERY time we tell her she’s cute, or smart, or a good helper, or anything, she always responds with, “NO! I tall!!!” See, at her 2 1/2 year doctor visit I exclaimed how tall she is and well, that stuck.

We have been having to get after her for feeding Molly at the table during mealtimes. This just isn’t something David and I have ever done. So, the other night after telling her not to feed Molly she very seriously looks at David and says, “But, Molly said please!” OK, so how do you dispute that logic?

This girl loves money. She scavenges for it daily throughout the house and is SO PLEASED with herself when she finds a penny, nickel, anything! She loves to put it in her piggy bank. She also has learned that Daddy keeps money in his wallet. Last week she was going through David’s wallet, pulling out all the cards, etc. He asked for it back and she says, “No! I look [for] more money in here!” Oh boy…

We love this girl dearly, and I love that we’re able to have conversations with her–albeit they’re simple, but they are conversations nonetheless! She is so smart (and tall!) and so much fun!!! We definitely have our work cut out for us in keeping 1 step ahead of her. I’m burdened with the task of teaching her to use her words to heal, help and encourage rather than hurt and destroy. It’s amazing how these lessons need to be taught even now, at the age of 2 1/2!


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