Holistic Medicine: Change

Whether change is good or bad it’s still hard. And, only when you know the change is good does it make it worth the effort. We are going through a lot of change in our house these days! I, of course, can’t have grains of any kind, especially not wheat, corn or soy. My doctor wants me to stay off of all of it though so as to get my body regulated and unirritated (is that a word??). Once this happens I’ll probably be able to start adding back grains, like oats, rice, etc. David is also supposed to be on a low-to-no grain diet so as a family we’re doing this together, even Cora! And, it’s a change for all of us! We are severely cutting back on how many Gold Fish or animal crackers Cora gets, I can no longer eat cereal or bread, and David is having to not eat as many potatoes. These are all big changes for all of us. We each have our “thing” that is hard to give up. However, we are noticing the change in our health and it is good! Between the better diet and our supplements both David and I notice positive changes in ourselves and each other. We also have noticed that Cora has more energy and seems to be feeling better too.

We have realized just how much our society builds a meal around starches–breads, pasta, rice. It’s crazy!!!!!! We’re having to change how we view a meal and how we fill up at a meal. I’m having to change how I think about meal preparation and how those meals get fixed. You would think that only eliminating one component of a meal would be easy, but it’s not. We’re taught at an early age that a meal isn’t a meal unless there’s meat, “potatoes” and a veggie. We’re eliminating that “potato.” We are eating lots and lots and lots of veggies and fruit and meat. I have to say (and I do believe David would agree) we feel better for it. We’re losing weight and have a whole lot more energy.

We’re also getting rid of a lot of sugar in our diet. I was one of those people who said, “Well, God made sugar, how bad can it be?” Then I got to thinking. Sure, God made sugar, but not until recent history did sugar become such common place in our daily eating. They put sugar (or some form of sweetening thing) in just about everything. The next time you go grocery shopping read the labels of the items you buy. You’ll notice there is sugar in one form or another in just about every single item you put in your cart. This is so scary to me!! It’s been hard to eliminate sugar. For me, it’s all the baked goods, which are eliminated because of the wheat in baked goods! For David it’s pop and for Cora well, she’s just not getting cookies and such because I’m not making them! Again, we are feeling better. It’s amazing how drastically lowering our sugar intake has improved our moods, our energy levels and just our overall outlook on life. I’m not joking! I still put honey on my toast (bread made without flour) in the morning and David has taken to using agave syrup in his tea rather than sugar.

Dairy is another thing we have all but eliminated from our diet. All 3 of us have sinus issues. Dairy is a huge aggravater of sinuses because it produces a lot of mucus. Plus, cow milk is vary hard for the human body to digest. So, at the encouragement of our holistic doctor we are intaking as little dairy as possible. We have Cora drinking about 1 cup of  milk a day, and both David and I have pretty much stopped drinking milk, and we eat very little cheese. But wait! What about all the calcium we need? Glad you asked! You get more calcium and vitamins from broccoli, cantaloupe and other such dark, green veggies and melons than you ever do from dairy. Guess what? We’re feeling better. Noticing a theme?

We are still getting used to our new way of eating and living life. Our doctor told us it takes 6-9 months to successfully change the way you eat. We still have days when we fall to temptation (and I really feel the PAIN if there is wheat/corn/soy involved) but thankfully we’re almost immediately “rewarded” with feeling terrible physically, which encourages us that we’re on the right path. We, as a family, want to be healthy. David and I want to show our children that God is who you turn to when you’re stressed, upset or excited, not food. We want to be strong physically, and we want to control what goes into our bodies. It’s a big change, but it’s a good change, and it’s already been so worth it to us!


2 thoughts on “Holistic Medicine: Change

  1. Wow. You all are saints! We’ve been having a tuff time of it too. I’ve come to the conclusion we are becoming allergic to “this world” in preparation for the Lord’s return (hopefully soon). We’ve had to cut corn & redirect to more natural sugars. Thankfully no-one here is allergic to wheat (yet?), but I do have to really, really watch my carbs or I have bad hypoglycemic issues. Hubby also refuses to go without his taters. I don’t know if we could live without cheese though… May you all experience abundant health blessings through all this!

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