Happy Birthday!

Seven years ago my niece, Sophia, entered the world a little after 6:00 p.m. It was the first birth I had ever witnessed, the first snowfall of the year, and it was also Thanksgiving day! As our extended families ate Thanksgiving dinner at my parent’s house and my sister’s inlaws’ house, the rest of us (soon to be first time grandparents and aunt) ate donuts and vending machine food! It was the best Thanksgiving ever!!! To see my beautiful niece enter the world and get to see her from her first moments of life outside the womb was so very special–2nd only to the birth of my own children.

Today Sophia is seven. How on earth did this happen? She is the oldest sibling and cousin. We’ve watched her grow from infancy, toddlerhood and now she’s turning into a young lady. She is so stinkin’ smart this girl! She always has been. She’s reading very well, is a huge help around the house and loves to hug and cuddle her cousins. She’s beautiful too. I have forever loved her eyes–which are green–and will forever be jealous of her gorgeous hair–which she gets from her mom! Not only is she beautiful on the outside she has a very sweet heart and compassionate spirit.

I love my niece, Sophia Ruth. She is so dear to me, and I love watching her grow up. I love you, Sweetie!

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