We had a great Thanksgiving, did you? We went down to the city where my mother-in-law lives and hung out there for a few days. We didn’t get much sleep as the children were still recovering from being sick, the craziness with the hospital stay and well, they never sleep well when not in their own beds. BUT! Despite all of that we did have a good time! We had the usual fare for dinner and though I was sad to have to pass on the stuffing, cranberry sauce (yes, there is corn syrup in the canned cranberry sauce) and pie crusts (could only eat the pumpkin pie filling) I still found I had plenty to eat. My MIL graciously opened up a jar of canned beans for me so I’d have something more than just turkey and sweet potatoes! 🙂

We also celebrated Christmas with my MIL and her husband while down there. Since we have 3 sets of parents who are all in 3 different cities we have to spread our Christmas celebrating between Thanksgiving and New Year. We loved watching Cora this year. She seems to “get it,” that Christmas means presents. (Yes, we’ll also be working on what Christmas is truly about!) She was so much fun to watch and I can’t wait for Christmas morning!!!!

My sister dubbed this "Hot Cross Buns."

Let her eat pie!

Aunt Dee with the kiddos!

Waiting patiently...

Helping Ben open his gift

Pops and Ma-ma with their grandkids!


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