Christmas Time is Here

I’m finding I am loving Christmas this year. Last year I was up to my neck in baby vomit, and I just wanted to get through the holidays and get to June! I’ve been looking forward to the holidays this year and so far have not been disappointed! Cora is SO into Christmas! It’s like a lightbulb has gone off and she’s understanding what’s going on. We decorated the house and tree last week and she loved helping! I had fun explaining the memories behind different ornaments and when she unwrapped HER ornaments from Grammy she got SO EXCITED! Every day since she points them out and says, “This MINE from GRAMMY!”

Last year my sister and brother-in-law gave Cora the Little People Nativity set. We got that out, I told her she could play with it, that it’s hers. After doing the tree David did a great job of explaining who all the characters were and who the Baby is, etc. We think she got it! 🙂 Daily we ask her what the Baby’s name is and what his mommy’s name is. She very emphatically says, “JESUS!” Warms my heart. We’re also doing our Advent candles. We’re 2 Sundays into Advent now. Sunday at breakfast we light the new candle and then every evening for dinner we light the candles that should be lit and go over them with Cora. Last year she was only able to say, “hope.” This year she is MOST excited to keep lighting all the other candles, and I know she’ll be able to say hope, peace, joy, love and Christ. I love watching her as she discovers this wonderful time of year. Not only the present stuff but the TRUE reason for celebrating. I’ve often said she has a tender heart and she continues to seem so drawn to the things of the Lord.

Ben, of course, just loves to watch his sister and follows her every move! He is also quite taken with this plastic snow globe we got for Cora last year. It lights up and plays music and he is quite mesmerized by it!


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