Me Want Cookie!!

Since I was so sick with pregnancy last year my cookie-making was a very low minimum! So, this year I have decided I need to take it up a notch (or 10) and bake a lot more cookies for my dear husband, who LOVES cookies! We also have our annual Christmas open house coming up, and I need cookies for that too! Because Cora seems to really be getting in to the whole Christmas thing this year I want her to be involved as much as possible. I’m hoping that as the years go by we can look back and fondly remember all the cookies we baked together. On Monday I was watching our friend’s son, “K” (who is also Cora’s very good friend), and I thought it would be fun if the 2 of them helped me do sugar cookies. I made the dough up the day before so it’d be ready on Monday. I was pleasantly surprised at how well they did. K just turned 3 on Sunday and Cora isn’t yet 3 so I wasn’t sure what to expect. They LOVED when I’d get a huge pile of dough down and roll out a “big circle.” They were equally disappointed as the circle got smaller and smaller. When the dough was totally gone they were REALLY disappointed! They were so adorable, ate way too much dough and had such a great time together.

I think they ate more dough than not! Ah well, isn't that the fun of cookie-making?

Such concentration!

My plan was that Monday we’d cut out and bake the cookies, and then Tuesday, when K came back, we’d decorate them together. However, Cora got a nasty ear infection so K didn’t come over. Cora and I managed to finally frost and sprinkle (oh the sprinkles!) the cookies yesterday. I had a lot of fun and just kept telling myself that all the mess was easily cleaned up! 🙂

Icing blobbing!

Lovin' the sprinkles!

Cheese! I caught her frosting and sprinkling and then eating!


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