Reading Labels a Must!

With our new diet and holistic way of life we have found it imperative to read ALL labels on ALL foods. Since I can’t have wheat, corn or soy it’s necessary for me to read every. single. label. Yes, this is tedious, but oh so necessary. Did you know that corn, wheat and soy are in pretty much EVERYTHING???? They’re used as fillers so it’s cheaper to produce said food. I’m talking everything from canned peaches, tomatoes, tomato sauce, bullion cubes, everything. It’s really quite sad. If I see the word “corn” (like corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, corn starch, modified food starch–corn–etc.) I don’t buy it, or eat it. Seasoning packets are some of the worse for this stuff. If something is made with any kind of oil I have be read the label because chances are there is corn and/or soy bean oil used (like in salad dressings). It’s been a challenge, and the more labels we read the more we realize eating fresh and doing everything yourself is the safest way to go. I wanted to do a quick meal of meat with a tomato sauce on it the other night. I happened to look at the label (name brand, not generic) and saw there was corn stuff in it. Seriously? Why? Yes, this has made me be more creative in my cooking, but we are finding we like our meals better this way. We can’t wait to grow our garden come spring so we can then freeze, or can, our own food and know that this is stuff we can all eat. Again, a sacrifice? Yes. Time-consuming? Somewhat, until you get your system down. Worth it? ABSOLUTELY! I encourage you to go to your cupboards and start reading your labels. I hope it puts a little concern into you if/when you can’t pronounce most of the ingredients. I heard a chef say once, “If you can’t find it in your grandmother’s cupboard then you shouldn’t eat it.” Meaning, if you don’t recognize the ingredients in your food as common household ingredients then it’s probably not something you want to be eating.

I don’t mean to sound harsh about all this, or make you think I’m judging you if you’re not eating the way we are. I’m just so passionate about this and know the wonderful benefits we’ve felt and wish everyone could feel this good! I’m not judging, just strongly encouraging!!!


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