I have a friend. She is a pastor’s wife, has 6 children and writes 2 blogs. She has been a huge source of encouragement to me in many ways, especially in her writings on depression. She also struggles with depression and has been very open and honest about it in her blog Weak and Loved. I’ve been thinking a lot about the things she has said and thought maybe this is a discussion we could have here, on my blog.

You see, I think depression is one of those hidden diseases. A disease we’re taught is not to be spoken of. A disease that is debilitating at times, or often. Something we’re to be ashamed of. And we’re definitely taught that depression is a disease that a true Christian would never have. How wrong can that be????? The Bible is FILLED with examples of men and women who struggled with depression. Good people, Godly people, but depressed people. I want to write about depression. I want to open the eyes of the critical and those who may not believe it even exists. I want to help those of you who struggle with depression know you are not alone and don’t have to struggle alone. I’m going to talk about my own experiences and also open the Scriptures and talk about the men and women who struggled with this disease. My prayer is that these posts will be helpful, encouraging, and maybe even enlightening. But, most of all I want them to be a source of knowing that God loves YOU, and you are not suffering alone.


3 thoughts on “Depression

  1. Jeni I am so glad to see you speaking openly about this topic as well. So good to hear fellow Christians with the courage to say it out loud! We are saved by grace, so we can be honest about our struggles!

    Love and prayers to you…

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