Getting Back on the Wagon

I have fallen off the “good eating” wagon and taken David and Cora with me. I can trace it back to when Ben was in the hospital the first time in November, right before Thanksgiving. Everything went wonky, and I was more concerned with making sure he was breathing then what I (or any of us) was eating. Then came Thanksgiving, then Ben was back in the hospital, then came Christmas, New Year, my birthday. And now, here we are at the end of January, and I’m really feeling the effects of not eating the way I should be for the past 2+ months–as so David and Cora. I’m not eating wheat, soy or corn (or at least as much as I can help it. When traveling it’s hard to know every single thing you’re eating). But, the way in which I have fallen HARD is with eating way too much sugar, chocolate, sugar, chocolate…It’s terrible. I feel terrible. I feel awful, I feel TIRED, I feel miserable. I feel almost as bad as I did before starting this program.

I suppose the positive to this would be that I see this new way of eating is definitely working. There is much truth to what our holistic doctor is telling us as far as what to/not to eat. I am seeing/feeling first hand just how awful I used to feel and really need and want to get back to eating better. And so, today begins us climbing back on the wagon. Getting myself, David and Cora back to a more healthy way of eating. We’re ALL feeling the affects of the poor eating. It’s mostly my fault because it’s my job to provide healthy choices in the house. And so, getting back on the wagon is essential for our family. Let this be a lesson learned for us.

I forgot to add after my last appointment a couple weeks ago–I’m still losing weight despite my horrid eating! I’ve lost a total of 14 pounds since early October!!!! YEAH!!! This encourages me to continue on. To do better at becoming stronger in our resolve to make this a life change and not just a change until an ideal weight is accomplished.

Pray for me if you think about it. I could use the prayer as I get back on the wagon. I must fight my sugar addictions and work through them again. Thanks!


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