In our house we have a new favorite activity. Well, at least Cora does! She has decided that doing puzzles are super exciting! We have greatly enjoyed watching her as she figures out where the pieces go. My parents got her a puzzle for Christmas and late last week it all finally clicked and she has been doing that one on her own ever since. I love to see the excitement and pride on her face when she gets 2 pieces to fit together the right way, when she finds the ever-elusive corner pieces and when she finishes the puzzle. She’s so stinkin’ smart and so good at the puzzles. The other day while I took photos of Ben eating his peas Cora ran into the play room yelling, “Just a minute Mom!” I had no idea what she was doing. She runs back into the dining room with her puzzle and says, all out of breath and very excitedly, “MOM! Take a picture of me doing my puzzle by self me!” (Yes, that’s how she says, “by myself.”) Oh, how could I NOT take her picture? The whole time she did the puzzle, and I snapped pictures, she kept a smile on her face and kept saying, “CHEEEEEEEEEESE!” She’s such a hoot. I love this girl so very much!!!

I love her smile!


Such concentration

SO proud of her!


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