Video Camera Needed

Last week while in WV for David’s grandmother’s funeral we needed a video camera. After the funeral and luncheon were over we all went back to Mammaw’s house to rest and relax. There’s a grade school at the end of the street with a great playground. David took Cora out (in the 65 degree weather, no less!) so she could run out some energy. I decided to join them later. As I approached the playground, which was surrounded by a chain-link fence, I was searching for the way in. I handed Ben to David and asked, “how am I supposed to get in?” David says, “Just climb the fence!” Seriously? The fence was about chest high and totally doable so I thought, “why not?” Mind you, I have not climbed a fence since?????? I get the giggles and try my best to get over the fence. It wasn’t pretty, not at all graceful, but I managed to get over the fence without ripping my pants–yes, this was a goal met! We played, ran around, climbed through a tube (at what age do our knees decide it’s not fun to be walked on?), went on the zip-line (at what point do our shoulders decide they don’t like to bear the weight of our bodies?), and then I realized Ben was really wet in the diaper area and needed to be change, pronto! I then realize I have to climb BACK over the fence and the drop on the other side is lower then on the play ground side. Oh. Boy. I try one way, no go. I try another way. No go. I finally decided the best way to get back over the fence was to lay on the top and sort of fall over the edge. This is what I did, laughing the whole time, really hoping NOT to rip my pants and wishing we had a video camera to document the whole thing.


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