So Sweet

I have mentioned Sherry’s oldest child, Isabel. I got to hold Isabel when she was a wee baby, and the last time I saw her she was about 3, and it was my wedding day. She has grown and changed so much and is well on her way to becoming a wonderful young lady! As I looked at her, now just about 10, I was reminded that Sherry and I were not much older than Isabel when we first met. Isabel is a wonderful mixture of her parents. I would say her personality and a lot of her mannerisms are very much like her dad, however, she walks like her mom, moves like her mom. I don’t know how many times last week I looked up expecting to see Sherry only to see Isabel! And, I had to chuckle at how much Isabel could talk because the very first time I met Sherry she talked my ear off (it was the last time as I am, actually, the bigger talker!). Isabel also has a very artistic side to her–much like her mom! While I was sick in bed Isabel made me a card complete with a beautiful picture on the front and a lovely poem inside. Here is the poem (spelling staying as it appears in the card):

When I found you where sick I could not repress tears!

for happy-ness in life is found mostly when your here

When your sick there is sadness for the famaly

So please get well yes please get well! We love you Aunt Jeni!

So sweet!

One thought on “So Sweet

  1. Jeni, that is so sweet and it made me cry happy tears. I just thought about all the great times with the Watt family in Africa!!! I miss those days.

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