We’re SOOOOO Romantic!

Oh, Valentine’s Day. It has come and gone for another year. Our first year of marriage, when Valentine’s Day came (about 3 weeks after we were married), David went all out–roses, chocolates and dinner. Over $100 later, which we didn’t really have, I told him I didn’t care to have all that and let’s not spend that kind of money for Valentine’s Day. He agreed, and so, we don’t. I make David sugar cookies, and we may, or may not, go out for dinner. Typically, I’ll make a nice dinner at home and if he gets me flowers he’ll get them for me the day after when flowers are about 90% cheaper–and yes, it was my idea!

This year? Well, this year we were both sick. David had the nasty stomach bug I had had a few days prior, and I had the nasty cold virus David was getting over. I didn’t have energy to bang out sugar cookies, and David didn’t have the stomach to eat them anyway. So, several days later I made a large heart-shaped chocolate chip cookie and then on Friday we had a nice dinner complete Valentine’s Day cups I found on clearance at Walmart! It was a good Valentine’s Day nonetheless and well, pretty typical for the Hardin household!

However, Cora received her first Valentine! Last week, on Sunday, we were meeting at the home of one of the families in our small group. On our way out Kari says, “Wait! Keaton has something for Cora!” He comes over and hands her a heart-shaped sugar cookie wrapped in a red napkin. There was a picture on the cookie, I think Snoopy? but I’m not totally sure. Kari said he had picked it out specifically for her. Cora refused to say thank you, or even look at Keaton, but she promptly ate the cookie all up so I guess that was good enough!


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