Gone is the Baby

I have found with Cora (and it’s probably true of all kids, she’s just my 1st) that kids go through spurts where it seems they just change in everything! I have noticed with her (and am with Ben now) that with each major development other things change too. She didn’t just sit up, she started to roll and be more attentive, etc. She has seemed to do a lot of exploding lately. First, she’s going through/has gone through a major growth spurt. I put her down for bed and it seemed the next morning all of her clothes were too small! Hoping to limp along until spring/summer! Her talking and clarity of speech has just exploded!!! She is getting concepts, really exercising her imagination and comes up with all sorts of witty things now! She can say her alphabet, count to 10, knows her colors, and is recognizing letters and numbers. It’s crazy. We’ve been marveling for days now that our baby girl is gone and is quickly being replaced by a little girl. She’s totally lost her “baby” look. I suppose this is all to be expected since she’ll be 3 in a few weeks…I am finding her sense of humor is developing, she’s understanding better how to tease/receive teasing and she LOVES to make her brother, especially, laugh! Her heart remains tender, and she is becoming more and more interested in the things of the Lord, which pleases our hearts so much! Our baby girl is gone, but I’m so excited to see this little girl develop and can’t wait to see the woman God makes her.

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