I apologize for not having a blog post in over a week. I have been, um, uninspired. I am discouraged about some things, mainly that we, as a family have been sick with one thing after another for over a month now. Currently, I am still battling something (cold? sinus infection? not sure!!!) and so is David! One thing to be thankful for is the children seem to be unaffected. Cora was sick for a few days last week but that seems to have cleared up without incident.

Pray for us if you think about it. Thank you.

I’ll try to have something more inspiring tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Uninspired

  1. No need to apologize for not posting. It’s more important that you take care of yourself and your family. I too take a multivitamin and other supplements and I find that coldeze really works.

  2. Ugh, sorry to hear the sickness has been such a plague. My kids have been sick off and on this winter (with only 1 week of no runny noses). Thankfully, I’ve stayed healthy. I don’t know if you are looking for any advice, but I thought I’d let you know what I do. I take a daily multivitamin (prenatal style since I’m still youngish). I used a neti pot (distilled water only) when I feel my sinuses clog (it’s weird at first, but after awhile you realize the benefit outweighs the cost). I also like coldeze when I start to feel sick. And I exercise 5 days/week (I run, but even something like walking or a walk at home video helps). And I think eliminating my sugar intake (mainly sweets) when I start to feel sick helps too (although you’ve already been doing that). Hope some of these might be of help to you!

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