We, as a family, have seemed to be sick with one thing after another. Just as one gets better someone else comes down with something. I’ve been most irritated by this because I thought that doing things holistically would mean we’d never be sick again. However, I do believe that though we’ll see a decline in our illnesses there are still viruses out there, and we’re still susceptible to them. I think come next winter we might find we’re even healthier having had a good year of our supplements and healthier eating under out belts. In any case, Cora and David have both had the flu, or some version of it. THANKFULLY, Ben has not been hit, and we pray this continues to be so. I thought I got it, but after going to my holistic doctor we found that now my body is getting rid of titanium. That’s right, titanium. You get this mainly from paint fumes, well water, dental crowns and implants. It’s so crazy. My body is getting rid of that and arsenic as well, hence all the drainage and such. But! This does mean my supplements are working, and I’ve added a couple more to help the process on a little bit. I’ll be glad when our warmer weather is here to stay, and we can be outside more and just be done with winter. I’ll also be glad when David and I are done with all the heavy metal detoxing! We’ll for sure be feeling better once they’re gone as heavy metals suppress our immune system.

We’re preparing for my grandma to come visit. We haven’t seen her in almost 3 years due to her having a staph infection that just wouldn’t go away. Her doctor didn’t want her traveling and risk infecting other people. But! She’s coming at the end of the week and will spend time at our house, my sister’s house and my parent’s house while she’s here. She’ll also get to celebrate Cora and Haddie’s birthdays with us and we’re throwing her a surprise 80th birthday celebration! (don’t worry, she doesn’t read my blog! 🙂 ). It’ll be great to see her, and I’m really looking forward to her getting to know my kids, 2 of her 5 great-grandchildren, and see where we live, etc. Now to get the house clean…


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