A Few of My Favorite Things…

My daughter amazes me. She is growing up so fast. The baby in her is gone and the little girl is blossoming. I am amazed daily to see how she is becoming better at coloring, painting, playing by herself, going down slides, climbing stuff at the play ground. She is so tender-hearted, sweet to her brother, loving and compassionate. It excites me to see who the Lord is making her to be.

My son is a daily source of laughter for me. To watch him discover the world around him is so much fun. He has discovered he loves to swing, loves to be outside and loves to be in the grass. He also loves his sister very much, knows who "Da-da" is and knows who "Momma" is! He gets where he needs to by crawling backwards but seems to want to figure out how to go forwards. He is such a blessing to us and I'm so excited to watch his personality grow as he gets older!

My first and furry "child." What would we do without Molly? She is a joy to us, is a constant source of cuddles and warm licks. She is our protector and a good playmate for the kids. She's forgiving, happy and just an all-around good dog--although I think if you asked her and she could speak, she would say she is NOT a dog! She is a wonderful part of our family and we love her so much!


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