Well Checks

Yesterday, after having a VERY full morning of errand-running I REloaded the kids into the van (for what seemed the millionth time), and we headed to their pediatrician. It was conveniently Cora’s 3 year well check and Ben’s 9 month! How nice of them to be conveniently those ages for me. I was not relishing taking them by myself because I knew they were both getting vaccines, but it could not be helped so away we went! The whole time Cora was crying because I had just bought her new sandals, which she had LOVED at the store, was EXCITED to own and ECSTATIC to wear…until we got in the car, of course. I ignored her, and she finally stopped that insanity.

Cora had to have her blood pressure taken for the first time. That didn’t go so well. Lots of crying, wailing, huge tears. All the while I’m trying to wrangle Ben and keep Cora still so the machine would register correctly. It did not, so the doctor did it manually later. Cora decided getting her BP taken was NOT fun, and she then complained about how much her arms hurt. Sigh…Both exams went well for the kids. Nothing much to share there–they’re both healthy and strong and developing just as they should!! We ended the time with the shots. I asked the nurse to do Cora first because I knew if she saw Ben wail first it would not go well. I did worn Cora that she would feel a small prick, but you can imagine how that went considering how “well” the BP went. She cried and cried and cried and didn’t want the “boo boo” (bandaid) on but then didn’t want it off. ALL THE WAY HOME she told me how she didn’t like shots, her arms hurt, she was going to tell Daddy all about how she didn’t like shots and how her arms hurt and…sigh. I love my daughter. Ben cried for about 5 seconds and then was fine…Anyway, here are my cherubs and their new stats!

Cora is 39 1/4 inches tall and is 36 lbs. We will be working on potty training and getting rid of the paci in the next several days/weeks! She is healthy and growing great!!!

Ben is now 28 inches long and 23 lbs!! Clearly he's growing well. We will be working on weening back on the bottles and getting him to eat food--something he has been totally uninterested in so far!


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