Happy 3rd Birthday, Cora!

My dearest Daughter,

Today is your 3rd birthday! I can hardly believe it. How on earth have 3 years already passed? I can understand how mommies say “it only seemed like yesterday that you were born.” It truly does! What a year this has been for you! You have transitioned from baby to little girl, you became a big sister, you can say your ABCs and get SO excited when you see letters! You can count to 20 as long as you’re not put on the spot, know your colors–green being a current favorite, you know most of your shapes and you LOVE to talk! 🙂 Some of your favorite shows on TV are “Curious George,” “Max & Ruby,” “The Octonauts,” and of course anything Mickey Mouse! I love how inquisitive you’ve become, you want to know everything about everything around you. Your speech is so clear, your sentences grow daily, and you are just so smart! You also have such a tender heart. You play so nicely with Benjamin, make your friends feel loved and special and are sure to comfort Mommy and Daddy if we don’t feel good.

I could write pages about you. I love you so very much! There are many days that I just stop and look at you and marvel that God blessed me and Daddy with such a precious gift–YOU! You are special, you are loved, and you are my precious daughter! I love you, dearest Cora Ann!


Love, Mommy


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